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The first is to recognize that those with MMD are not bad, lazy or slugs. That is a myth. You will hear stories of small successes, and of dismal failure. It is not a pretty picture. So be warned, "This site is not for the squeamish, or children under 10".

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There has been an overwhelming request

There has been an almost overwhelming request from MMD'ers, regarding my suggestion in my blog "Actual things that work for MMD'ers, that aren't pills.".

 If you recall I made a simple suggestion, MMDers could write a blog. And made some suggestions about things that a MMDer could write in a blog. But you, my commenter's said,  "they are not enough' and it seemed to be the overwhelming opinion. 

See, many of you have opinions! And you clearly didn't know it. That’s what I'm talking about. I must stop writing, long enough to figure out how I'm going to proceed.

All blogs written after this one will contain "Author Suggestions" They will easy to recognize.

I figured it out! This will be the sequence of instruction on what I'm going call "HOW TO WRITE A BLOG". Now, that is the title, and now I will list the steps I will focus on.

1. Writing Style 

2. Land Mines

3. Suggestions on abbreviations

4. Do I need an "In House Editor?"

5. Interesting Facts 

6. Learn the mysteries surrounding "Blogging Software, and its pit falls"

7. Separating Opinion from Facts

8. The use of catchy phrases

9. Decide, Early on: "Am I writing for MMD'ers or the general public?

10. Don't be overwhelmed 

11. Chose A Subject 

This list might come out in a different order.

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