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Monday, November 18, 2013


I Found this document on the internet.  The writer prefers to remain anonymous.

He said he found a copy of a very old and respected publication. "The Journal of Psychology." This edition  was one of the first published. The Journal was in Old German, and Anonymous apologizes for his translation. After finished recording what he found in the book, he left the Library, but returned the next day, he was told "The volume that you looked at yesterday, was very old and very valuable, and it had never ever been used as a reference book". He asked if I had recorded anything from the book, I said "NO". I just saw the book on the table and it looked interesting, but I had another appointment, and thought I would return the next day. During this conversation some very large and mean looking men came in the room and moved toward the table where we were standing. I had no Idea who they were or why they were suddenly there.  I excused myself and left.
           I thought it best to remain anonymous.

Will The Real Father of Psychology please stand.
Father of American Psychology: Benjamin Rush

Father of American Psychology:  William James

Father of Psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud

Father of Modern Psychology: Robert Spitzer

 Father of Modern Psychology: Philippe Pinel

Father of Contemporary Psychology: Wilhelm Wundt

Father of Applied Psychology:  Hugo Munsterberg

Father of Modern Education Psychology: Edward Thorndike

Father of Developmental Psychology : Jean Piaget

Father of Modern Cognitive Psychology:  Eric Neisser

Father of Analytical Psychology: Carl Jung

                The exact date  when Modern Psychology began is not known. But we know it was soon after the shift from middles ages to (end ages) that didn't sound right so I called it the modern ages.

                 A group of men met in the back room of Tavern to make, (what turned out to be earth shaking) decisions about what psychology  was going to look like in the modern world.  As with all earth shaking events there was contention among those present.

                Sigmund Freud put a  motion forward:   " Should we make it simple, like "Is this guy a nutjob or not?"   A decided to take a vote..  As they went around the room, the overall answer was "yes" until they reached Hugo Munsterberg. 
                Hugo said, "Wait!",  "We ought to decide on what we want to accomplish and how it is going to affect us".  Everyone in the room, said "yea". Now there was excitement.

                Phillipe Pinel said "wait a minute",  "Is this yes or no thing going result in a big pay day"?  The room became very quiet, each man with his chin resting on the palm of his hand.

                Next, the voice of reason stood, Wilhelm Wundt, and he put forth a better idea, that would guarantee "a big pay day".  "If we made it more complicated, like layer upon layer of specialties , and come up with some fancy words that we would define, and require years of study to understand those words. And no one would be allowed  to practice until they finished those years of study, then we could really "hit it big."

                The room exploded. Everyone was speaking at once, exploring the possibilities.

                Sigmund, who had quietly assumed leadership of the group, (which would be hotly disputed later) announced, "We should go home now and each define what a nutjob is, and give a name to a  specialty , which then will be your specialty, and you will become known as "The Father of that Specialty."

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