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The first is to recognize that those with MMD are not bad, lazy or slugs. That is a myth. You will hear stories of small successes, and of dismal failure. It is not a pretty picture. So be warned, "This site is not for the squeamish, or children under 10".

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Actual things that work for MDD'ers, that aren't Pills

After receiving, what I immediately labeled, the "Separate, or we'll do it for you" threat from the blogger company, which by the way, cost me a lot frustrating Time and Stress. The stress was the worst, seeing that I am MDD.

Wait!, I just noticed that I used a new a way to describe more than one person with Depression. Originally, I thought I would use the same term the depression doctors use, Major Depressive Disorder, but how do you make it plural?

I think MDD'ers is perfect. Obviously it's plural. It's like it was an esoteric Society or secret club or a group dedicated to serving others or a terrorist group. Remember how difficult it is when you talk to another depressed person, how you tried not to use the word 'depression,' knowing that if you did, 'your secret' would be spread through the community, and you would soon be labeled, a 'D person', or, by some a 'nutjob' or even something worse. Some would even think to themselves, 'I knew something wasn't right' or 'That explains a lot'.

But, MDD'ers, if you use MDD'ers instead or in place of, the "D word", no one would ever think you were talking about depression.

But wait now, I started this post about 'Actual things that work' notice the 's' on the end of thing. There are more ideas I would like to put forth.

O Geez Lowise , My in house editor just walked in the room, and immediately started attacking my work. It always starts with "May I offer a little constructive criticism?," If I balk, I know what's coming next, "after all I am the in house editor".

I'm alone again, thank goodness, I think I'll write a post about "in house editors, pro and cons."

Pick a subject and write a blog. A suggestion might be to search newspapers, and the internet and find stories that are sad or gloomy. Once you start you will find Ideas everywhere.

It could be about overcrowding in prisons, Or things that have started out hot, but are now cooling off. Find stories where something angers people. I just found one of those this morning, "Harry Potter Stamps Anger Postal Service Panel", the sub heading was "Traditional Collectors are up in arms." Someone needs to blog about these things. I guarantee you will build a following, They will sing out: At last we have a voice!"

You could write a "Help Blog". Don't worry if you think you don't know how to help people. Look around, read columns that are in the newspaper, it doesn't matter, you will soon come to realize that these writers don't know how to help people either.

Here's a practice question, its real, I saw it this morning. "Help! ours sons friend isn't allowed to watch cartoons at home. Can he watch them at our house?" I know it might appear to be a difficult question, but read it over and over again. There are probably lots of answers. Think about when you were young and your parents didn't let you watch cartoons at home. We both know you secretly watch them anyway. Draw on your own unhappy childhood to its full advantage. You will find a following and it will be fun. See! no pills necessary.

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