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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sir Neville, thank you

I have received an unexpected e-mail from a very famous person in England.

Sir Neville Marriner of the Academy of St Martin in the fields, His full title. (for more info, google his name). Sir Neville has been an MMDer for many years, and says "pills worked for a while, but just petered out". He also said: "I am an avid follower of your work, and have decided that Blog writing, might be away better than pills."

He made a very interesting request that might help all of you MDDers who are considering Blogging. He Picked a story from the news and tried to rewrite it as a blog. He said: "It was terrible",  I just don't know how to do it." Now here is what he suggested, "I will send you what I have written, and ask that you to rewrite it Properly, Post it and indicate to the other MDDers, how the blog came to be, and it could be another "arrow in your quiver" teaching the proper way to write a blog."

What a marvelous Idea. Three cheers for Neville.  The story is another look at the Concordia incident and recent developments. Neville really chose a Good Story.

 The Concordia Incident  New Revelations

Not only is their more from the trial, but sealed records have been released, that are going to blow your pants off. This is a summary of new information that has come forward. Things not in the first report.

"Today I died a second time" Moldovan dancer admits she was Costa Concordia captain’s lover.

  Earlier in the day, ship maitre d’ Antonello Tievoli testified that 10 days before the crash, he had asked Schettino for a favour: Would the captain sail close to the island of Giglio during the Mediterranean cruise because the crewman’s family lived there?

Heads in the courtroom turned Tuesday when Cemortan strode in wearing high-heeled pumps and a figure-hugging black top and skirt. She was questioned both by prosecutors and lawyers for the survivors who have attached civil suits to the manslaughter trial.

Testifying through a translator, Cemortan said she had worked on the Concordia for three weeks in December 2011. She then re-boarded the ship in January 2012 as a non-paying passenger several hours before the crash near Giglio.

“When you are someone’s lover no one asks you for any explanations” about not having a ticket, she told the court.

Some in the courtroom gasped at the bold remark. Cemortan insisted her comment was a joke, but the judge made it part of the trial record.

As she testified, Schettino, who is married, sat at the defence table making a series of classic Italian hand gestures indicating incredulity.

Cemortan repeatedly declined to answer whether she is or had been romantically involved with Schettino, relenting only after Judge Giovanni Puliatti warned her that she risked criminal charges.

Tievoli, the maitre’d, said on Jan. 6, 2012, exactly a week before the collision, the cruise ship sailed closer than usual to Giglio and he thanked Schettino for the courtesy. Still, Tievoli recalled that Schettino was disappointed with that route and ordered his No. 2 officer to devise an even closer approach to the tiny island the following fateful week.

When the Concordia rammed into the reef the night of Jan. 13, gashing its hull and quickly taking on water, many of the passengers were enjoying a gala supper. Cemortan said she had dined at the captain’s table with him, and he told crew to slow down the ship so he could have dessert before taking the helm near Giglio.

They both were on the bridge at the time of the crash. After it, Cemortan testified that she dashed into Schettino’s private cabin to change out of her dinner outfit into more practical clothes. She noticed his laptop in the room and took it because she thought it was important. She said she gave it to him when she saw him on Giglio before dawn, after they both had taken separate lifeboats to the island.

Cemortan told the court Schettino told her immediately after the crash to take good care of a high-ranking crew member who is the brother of the former director-general of Costa Crociere SpA, the Italian cruise line.

She testified that the crew member, Ciro Onorato, pushed her onto a lifeboat. Because of the confusion and the darkness on the moonless night, she said she couldn’t say if any passengers were still aboard the ship when she left the Concordia.

Hours after Schettino left aboard a lifeboat and was spotted on Giglio, Italian rescue helicopters plucked many survivors from the capsized ship. Many other passengers jumped into the sea to try to swim to Giglio and some drowned.
“Today I died a second time,” she told reporters outside the court, contending that she had suffered psychological trauma due to the shipwreck.
Last month, a spectacular maritime salvage operation righted the Concordia after 20 months of lying half-submerged on its side off the port of Giglio. The ship will eventually be towed away and broken up for scrap.

These pictures taken at a happier time. Domnica asked, "Please use these in your article."

There were some other photos used by Sir Neville, but they are so horrific, I choose to leave them out.

 The photos below will explain just how bad things were, and the close proximity of the boat and island. Read on to see why that proximity is important.

Fox News congratulates themselves with this comment:  Here is some of the good work done by "Fox News Investigations", relative new branch of Fox News, Everyone is familiar with "Fox New Fair and Balanced", which Fox News considers to be their best money maker.

Fox News Investigations, has uncovered "sealed transcripts", from sources not identified, that  reveals  a conspiracy involving all Cruise Lines operating in the  Mediterranean. and produced a  cover up story that has ruined so many lives. A Conspiracy was hinted at earlier, but not taken serious.

Fox News Investigations reports: The real story is so convoluted, with twists and turns, so many lies, involving Large Corporations, and as usual you will see how "Big Bucks" are involved. Never has "Follow the Big Bucks" been  more apt.

The island itself, and its use is the key.

The Isle of Giglio, for the last 20 years has been a "nudes only Island". Somewhat common in this area of the world, The day of the tragedy, was a holiday and the island was packed. Sources indicate that most all Cruise lines that sail in this area, come close to the island, but this Captain sailed to close. The fact is, one that knows said, The day a ships is near the Island, is one of the most popular days of the cruise. The rental kiosks' on this ship, rents more binoculars than any other day.

These facts are only the "Tip of the Iceberg" declared Fox New Investigations, its starts with a conspiracy by all the Major Cruise lines.  Timing the ships arrival to the island, to take full advantage of full sunshine, sometimes allowing two cruise ship to pass a day .  Travel sales pamphlets are filled with code words, only those wealthy enough to make this kind of cruise know about.  Holidays and major events are scheduled to coincide with the cruise ships passing of the island, insuring  the maximum number of Nude's will be on the island,  Cruise ships stock Hugh volumes of Binoculars. Binocular Makers benefit. Vendors on the island are benefited because of larger crowds.

We are told that, a loud horn is blown as the boat approaches the island alerting the crowds to go to the beaches and Wave at the passengers, It was the polite thing to do..

 This is another example why "Sex and Big Bucks" lead to a fall.

Those that delve in High Finance and Politicos confided: "It should have worked, it is the perfect example of "Trickle Down Economics".

Fox New Investigations said:  We have called these major Corporations, and in most cases, the operator says:  "The person who might address your question is not in the office.",  other instances,  we are put on hold, or they just don't answer the phone.  
Fox News Investigations said: "This will surely be the biggest story of the year!

Other News Agency's are up in arms, because they will have to go thru Fox News Investigation, for their future reporting.


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