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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The difference between a book and a blog and why a blog is more difficult to write

The difference between a book and a blog and why a blog is more difficult to write.

                Each has its own writing style. ie. twitter, only lets you use 65 characters. a letter, a digit or a special character = 1 character. This example probably doesn't apply.  The reason chapter and post are different is: 

      The book uses "chapters instead of post."

      The blog uses: " posts instead of chapters."

Dah! you might say, "I don't get it", but it's obvious".  But wait, listen to me. The use of a chapter or a post is significant. It defines the way you have to write. Now it's my turn to say Dah! Dah! A book with its chapters are in sequence. (first chapter followed by second chapter.) A blog on the other hand with it post is not in sequence. (or out of sequence.) First blog, goes to the bottom, the next one goes on top.  (Note) I embolden(d) or made the special words  bold, so as you try to understand, remember the words that are BOLD, are the important words.

Now you might ask: "what do you mean, out of sequence?" well, after the first post, the second and so on, theses post go on top of the first post. (That is called out of sequence, and why a blog is more difficult to write.) Think about it and what that means. If you still don't know, ask me in a comment, and I'll explain the whole thing.

Now you might also ask what Dah! means: The meaning is when two people are talking, and one says something that everyone knows, So.. when you hear or read, where the term  Dah! is used it means you’re a dumb dodo bird, or something similar. Figure out for yourself what "DAH! DAH!" means.

An additional difference: the audiences are  different. Take for instance this headline:

"Depression prevalent in the Entertainment Industry".

In the middle ages there were depressed people (DP) Some of the real smart or talented people, when they showed signs of depression, it was not a stigma, but was considered a blessing as they thought that Depression was the sign of a very special person.

It appears that this thinking is returning. Using a blog, or getting their own web page, people who think this is happening can quickly tell the world about their "special depression."  Literally thousands of smart and talented people "Are coming out of the closet." Reported a by a person who know. Comment by Author: Who do they think their kidding? 

The "blogging for dollars" blog, which was very popular for a time, is closing its doors.

Writing a Blog, tips:

Confusion: Don't worry if something looks confusing. Where in the past confusion was what we complained about to our DD (depression doctor), DD is like MMD and an example of ways to cut down on typing.  Confusion, once thought of as a problem for MMD'ers, can be upended to our advantage. You will see how it works as you start writing. 

Explanation: You will have to give explanations a lot in blogging.  Note  how use terms that I call: "Attention Getters" i.e. "Now you might ask" is a good one is used doesn’t know that a question coming. You have to remember your audience.
I explained the use of "DAH!" and DAH! DAH! in the body of the blog. That’s one way, the other way might be to explain difficult terms at the end of the blog.

Intersperse Information: You might sense that the reader is losing interest thus the "blogging for dollars" statement. It will always get them back on track.

Note: It's perfectly ok if you want to give an opinion, as long as you put "Author Comment" before the comment.

Remember "Think Positive". That probably doesn't apply yet, as thinking negative is a hallmark of an MDD.  I know where your coming from. 

Note: You figure out what it means when "Note" starts a sentence.

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